C.I. Flowers of Colombia S.A.S.

C.I. FLOWERS OF COLOMBIA S.A.S. was founded in 2016. Our headquarters are in the beautiful town of El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia.

Colombia is well known for the beautiful flowers that are produced in the country, the amazing lands that surround us are ideal to grow the most stunning flowers.  For more than six years we have produced and commercialized fresh top-quality hydrangeas and other varieties worldwide.

We love what we do, and we believe in the power of hard work and dedication, therefore we put all our passion and creativity into every single stem that we grow.

We have the right infrastructure and our work team is ideal, with profound human values and high academic and professional knowledge.

Our motivation comes from the desire to participate in the international market, generate employment, help increase the economy in our country and look out for the conservation of our natural resources.

We are strategically located 30 minutes away from Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport in Rionegro, Antioquia; this guarantees better logistic operation and the freshness of the flower once they leave the farm.